Crafting and Revising Dialogue (Paperback)

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"What is 'good' dialogue? Ask the question of a writer, reader, movie-goer or television binge-watcher, and you'll get a bunch of different responses.

Good dialogue is quotable.



Or even as one of my friends says: 'Good dialogue Crackles'."

Crafting and Revising Dialogue breaks down the art and science of creating impactful, believable dialogue.

Dialogue plays a huge role in almost all storytelling media. From short, sharp interactions in novels, to witty one-liners in movies, to dramatic monologues in plays, these words spoken aloud give the audience a unique look into the character's world and state of mind. Fans repeat catchphrases of iconic movie characters and academics analyze the words of morally gray characters. Classics and contemporary works alike leave a lasting impression on their audiences.

Being such an impactful part of the audience's experience, it goes without saying that robust dialogue writing skills are integral to a writer's game. Despite that, there's little guidance for writers hoping to refine dialogue.

Allen Gorney, a successful author and instructor at Full Sail University, offers writers and actors a deeper understanding of the craft of

dialogue. Analyzing classics such as Jane Eyre and offering his own examples such as Molly Carpenter, Esquire, Gorney breaks down effective dialogue in clear and accessible language. Authors, playwrights, and screenwriters will also find actionable advice and exercises to improve their own work.

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Publication Date: September 13th, 2021
Pages: 202
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