The Divine New Order and the Dawn of the First Stage of Light and Life (Paperback)

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To anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is obvious that life as we know it is reaching critical mass-environmentally, socially, politically, and spiritually. For thousands of years there have been prophecies of a planetary "shift" of great magnitude, moving us into a higher and brighter new world. This is the autobiography of one of the world's most significant spiritual leaders, with visions of the future of our planet's destiny-of the evolution of benevolent celestial and human leadership into a truly Divine Administration. The Divine New Order And The Dawn Of The First Stage Of Light And Life is the story of Gabriel of Urantia and the EcoVillage and spiritual community he co-founded in 1989 with Ni nn Emerson Chase and the beginnings of the worldwide Spiritualution SM movement they created together over the last 24 years. Originally written in 1989, this 2013 Third Edition chronicles the flowering and fruition of Global Community Communications Alliance (also known as Divine Administration), including the relocation and growth of the First Planetary Sacred Home-a theological world center, cultural crossroads, and planetary spiritual headquarters. Many of the prophecies that were written in the Bible and other sacred texts have come to pass or are happening now. Some of this book is prophecy-with scenarios that have already come true and some with outcomes yet to be revealed. That outcome is partially in your hands. Discover the Creator's plan to establish a Divine New Order for our world and how you can help to bring about the dawn of the first stage of light and life-to overcome the existing death and darkness of our world in peril by bringing genuine hope, real love, and true justice to every corner of the planet. Spiritual leader Gabriel of Urantia is an Audio Fusion Material Complement (for further explanation see The Cosmic Family volumes), father of four children, activist, teacher, musician, and author. He lives in Tumac cori, Arizona at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage. Together, spiritual leaders and teachers Gabriel of Urantia and Ni nn Emerson Chase-who co-share the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star (see The Cosmic Family, Volume I)-have established more than two dozen outreach and educational ministries, touching all facets of life, health, and reality. This book chronicles the unfolding of that incredible story and the life of this very unique soul, Gabriel of Urantia. The Divine New Order And The Dawn Of The First Stage Of Light And Life has the most extensive Glossary of the highest spiritual terms and concepts on the planet today and is the only one of such quality. The new Third Edition of The Divine New Order And The Dawn Of The First Stage Of Light And Life also includes a wonderful photo gallery depicting more than 40 historical and contemporary aspects of the life of Gabriel of Urantia and Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage-comprised of 100+ international men, women, and children.

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ISBN: 9781937919054
ISBN-10: 1937919056
Publisher: Global Community Communications Publishing
Publication Date: August 17th, 2013
Pages: 402
Language: English