Day Trading: The Bible Of How The Market Works For Options, Swing, Forex And Futures. How To Use Psychology For A Living With The B (Paperback)

Day Trading: The Bible Of How The Market Works For Options, Swing, Forex And Futures. How To Use Psychology For A Living With The B Cover Image
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Do you wish to change from your 8-hour job and be your own boss and work from home?

You've likely heard stories of people who have gotten rich quick off of investing, or seen movies where Wall Street executives fly in helicopters across town on their way to a high profile dinner with a beautiful partner in town. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, "Wow...That could be me "

Then you should definitely consider investing in the stock market. By trading stocks, you can earn a high amount of income, even a full-time income. Not to mention, you can enjoy and earn all the profits that you can make from the comfort of your home.

The stock market is an untamed beast. It is a market that can quickly go up or down in value. Even the most experienced people in the field might struggle with trying to get a hold of the market, but you can tame this monster if you know what you are doing.

To build wealth you must invest and save. Doing one without the other will fail to build significant wealth over time. I know of many great savers who live off of a remarkably small amount of money and save the rest. The problem is without investing this savings, they can't build wealth over time. You can admire their thriftiness and their tenacious saving techniques and even copy some of them, but without investing they won't build wealth.

This bundle of 4 books in 1 is here to offer you the ultimate solution to growing your wealth. We're going to cover the following topics in this book:

- A vivid introduction to the stock market and investing

- The different kinds of stock market investing

- The basics of day trading

- Determining how worth the stock market is

- Options, swing, forex and futures in depth

- How psychology applies in the markets

- The strategies to implement to generate profits

- The mindset of a successful investor

- Investing big amounts of money

- How to sit and let your money work for you as you earn passive income

- And much more

Investing in the stock market can be an extremely rewarding exercise if you invest the time to understand its nuances and how to leverage your knowledge and your stocks to make the most of it. Finding a mentor or joining local meetups in your city or where you live is a great way to discuss trading and bouncing ideas around with other like-minded people who share a passion for the stock market. While there is a lot that you can learn from books, courses, or online resources, there is a lot you can learn from face-to-face conversations and robust discussions on how to improve your trading strategy.

This bundle is going to act as your key to success. Are you ready? Press the buy now button and let's get started on the passive income journey.

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