Deep Sleep Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditations to Overcome Anxiety, Insomnia, and Overthinking (Hardcover)

Deep Sleep Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditations to Overcome Anxiety, Insomnia, and Overthinking Cover Image
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We all know that sleep is necessary for our health, productivity in work, a positive mood, and many other things.

Unfortunately, due to our busy lifestyle, there are so many people out there, just like you, almost every single night fighting their minds, and in the morning, you still feel like you just woke up after a killing party and two hours of sleep no matter how many of them you actually had. But...

What if you could actually train your mind for a great night recovery, so you don't have to deal with a lack of energy, bad mood, and dizzy head ever again?

What if you could finally forget those sleepless nights when your head is exploding of all kinds of "important" thoughts and tasks you must do tomorrow?

Inside this book, I will teach you how to program your mind for loads of energy, positive mood, extreme productivity, so you don't have to deal with sleep problems ever again

Here is just a fraction of what's inside:

  • You Biggest Self-Recovery Enemy- and how to fight it
  • How can a lack of sleep negatively affect your body? This chapter will make you really curious about the importance of night's regeneration
  • How to use self-hypnosis to fall asleep effortlessly without fighting your mind and pushing negative thoughts away
  • A complete, ready-for-you relaxation scrip for better daily stress and anxiety relief - very powerful
  • The Power of Meditation - 11 meditation techniques to improve the quality of your life (for all life situations)
  • 3 Extra Better Sleep Strategies - how to program your mind for consistent results
  • "Ice on the cake" - 8 proven bedtime stories to destroy all your last late-night worries
  • Much much more...

And keep in mind that no matter how long you have been facing these issues or how bad your sleeping habits are...

if you follow the exact strategies inside, this book will give you a great opportunity to forget all your awake nights, stressful days, and even anxious mornings

BUY it NOW and let your customer become addicted to this incredible book

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ISBN: 9781914072932
ISBN-10: 1914072936
Publisher: Adam Russel
Publication Date: July 4th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English