Critical Thinking: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems and Making the Right Decisions at Work and in Everyday Life. Think Critically, D (Hardcover)

Critical Thinking: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems and Making the Right Decisions at Work and in Everyday Life. Think Critically, D Cover Image
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Do you have difficulty solving conflicts and problems at work and in your daily life? Do you find it difficult to interact with people in professional and personal settings?

If you're a person who struggles with good communication, and you are not able to listen to the people around you, then reaching mutual understanding in your relationships will prove quite difficult.

Professional relationships are one of the most common types of relationships that people struggle with. When you put more than one person into a room, there can be conflict. Expect it and be ready for it. If you find that two or more members of your team disagree on something, you need to resolve it because this will hold up results. You need to decide on how to deal with the situation.

To adequately arrive at the best decisions, you need an important skill called critical thinking.

In this book, you will learn:

- How to apply the critical thinking process - the key to settling on profitable choices in the work environment, school, home, and so forth.

- The best decision-making and problem-solving methods that will allow you to think as fast as possible without letting these processes slow you down.

- One of the best skills in your life that you will ever create: How to control your emotions - your feelings can hijack your thinking, which could have a powerful impact on your reactions.

- How to set you and your team up for successful and effective conflict resolution.

- Observe your thoughts and feelings and explain these to other people. Being unable to or ineffective at this can lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings in your relationships.

- The power of empathic listening - how to improve your listening skills by putting yourself in their shoes of the other person in order to understand them accurately.

... And much more

In so many situations around you, the ability to think critically is necessary, from how likely you are to succeed in a job to how likely you are to have a happy and successful relationship.

Strong critical thinkers are more effective in life. They can approach situations in ways that make more sense and can be defended logically. They are less prone to being caught into behaving in ways that are impulsive or incorrect, and because of that, you must learn to be a critical thinker.

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ISBN: 9781914040085
ISBN-10: 1914040082
Publisher: Morris Cullen
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 104
Language: English