Oeconomicus, Artificium Et Commercium (Paperback)

Oeconomicus, Artificium Et Commercium By Uriel Bey Cover Image
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Cover Blurb: May the Benison of Allah be upon thee and thine always, as thou should strive to be credit to Allah. Make haste to bestow thy acts of Love upon thy Brethren, and doest thy best to shun thine evil ones. Remember to take suckle of the breast of Knowledge, Wisdom, Fortitude, Charity, Love and All-Standing, that ye might nourish the Souls of Men. Let Truth be thy Shield in the Manifest battles of falsehood. Knowest that thou needeth not pick the lock to the gates of Paradise by means of Petty or Criminal theft, for Behold - the Key to thy Salvation already rests within thine own hands; and yes, even though a portion of our nature is weakness, instability and inconstancy, there is still the greater part of our nature that is Divine. May Allah Protect thee, Guide thee, Preserve thee and Give thee everlasting peace.

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ISBN: 9781906169961
ISBN-10: 1906169969
Publisher: Tamare House
Publication Date: January 25th, 2011
Pages: 248
Language: English