Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit: What They Don’t Tell You About the Climate Crisis (Paperback)

Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit: What They Don’t Tell You About the Climate Crisis By Assaad Razzouk Cover Image
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Have you heard that you should go vegan to save the planet? Or carbon offset your flight to mitigate its effects? Or invest in an ethical pension plan? What if you were told that such actions make little difference at all? In Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit, Assaad argues that for too long green activism has been unfocused and distracted, trying to go in too many directions, focussing on individual behaviour. But all these things, are dwarfed by the one big thing that simply has to happen, very soon: namely, massively curtailing the activities of the hydrocarbon and petrochemicals industry. Full of counter-intuitive statistics and positive suggestions for individual and collective action, this ingenious book will profoundly change how you view the climate crisis.

About the Author

Assaad Razzouk is a Lebanese-British clean energy entrepreneur, author, podcaster and commentator. He co-founded and runs a clean energy company headquartered in Singapore, financing, building and operating renewable energy projects in Asia; as well as a not-for-profit Singapore start-up, digitising and democratising renewable energy. With his hands-on experience in renewable energy combined with his other roles, Assaad is a high-profile thought leader on climate change, clean energy and the UN climate talks with several hundred thousand followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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ISBN: 9781838954635
ISBN-10: 1838954635
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English