Developing a Care Bioarchaeology (Paperback)

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By C. Miya
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The willingness to care for those who are in some way disabled is widely regarded as

one of the characteristics that define what it is to be human (Gould 1988; Green 2003).

Experience of disease is a constant of our existence, and the provision of health-related

care appears to be such a universal and well-established response that some have even

claimed an evolved genetic component for this practice (Fabrega 1997, 2011; Hill et al

2009; Sugiyama 2004a).

In archaeology, healthcare provision is inferred from physical evidence in a set of

human remains indicating survival with, or recovery from, a disabling pathology in

circumstances where, without such support, the individual may not have survived to

actual age at death. However, while there is a rich literature documenting individual

examples of serious pathology, including reports in which the likelihood of care is

explicitly acknowledged, although not elaborated ( see, for example, Dickel and Doran

1989; Hawkey 1998; Luna et al 2008; Trinkaus and Zimmerman 1982), and exploring

interactions between the evolution of disease, social and environmental variables, and

population health status (e.g. Larsen 2000; Roberts and Manchester 2005; Steckel and

Rose 2002a, b ), archaeology has largely overlooked health-related caregiving as a

specific focus of analysis.

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