Hydroponics Gardening: The Complete Guide for Beginners to Build your Own Hydroponics Gardening System (Hardcover)

Hydroponics Gardening: The Complete Guide for Beginners to Build your Own Hydroponics Gardening System Cover Image
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The word hydroponic means working "with water." In simple terms, it is the science of growing plants without dirt or soil as a medium.

Plants need nutrients to grow and to anchor them for support. Plants usually get these from the soil in traditional gardening. However, in hydroponics, you can give plants exactly what they need, in the particular amount needed and when they need it. You also need to provide the plants with extra support, but it is quite easy. Enriched water can easily provide all the nutrients required by the plants with very little extra work. In fact, this is easier to do in water than in soil.

The plants receive pH-adjusted nutrient solutions. The roots absorb nutrients more efficiently in a highly soluble form. It takes very little effort for the roots to absorb the needed nutrients in order to grow. Even if the soil is organic and rich in nutrients, the plant will expend too much energy searching for and extracting those nutrients.

This book covers the following topics:

- How to build your own hydroponic system

- Best plants for hydroponic gardening and nutrition

- Choosing plants

- Growing medium, nutrients, lightning in hydroponics

- Hydroponics vs soil gardening

- Maintenance of your hydroponic garden

- System maintenance

- Potential problem and how to overcome them

- Tips and tricks to grow healthy herbs and vegetables

- Starting hydroponic business

- Basic components of the system

- Tools you will need

- Hydroponic systems equipment

- Choosing the best lighting medium for your hydroponic plants

- The world of hydroponics

...And much more

Hydroponic plants grow easily and produce more because the force it takes for the roots to wheedle out nutrients in the soil goes instead on vegetative growth and bearing fruit or flowers. Thus, it's more effective as a means of production.

Because the growing medium is inert, you can control the nutrients that the plant receives by adjusting the pH levels and strength of the nutrient solutions. You also manage the feeding and watering cycles. With technology, the potential to have a high-tech hydro system is not impossible. All aspects of this type of gardening are therefore easy, automated and controlled. The only limit is your budget and your imagination.

With hydroponics, people can be confident that food that they will always have food available and that the crops will be easy to produce. Crops can be cultivated even in places with non-arable land. Hydroponics ensures that the plants or crops get the needed nutrients to grow well.

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ISBN: 9781802749526
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Publisher: Hydroponic School
Publication Date: May 10th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English