Computer Networking Beginners Guide: An Introduction on Wireless Technology and Systems Security to Pass CCNA Exam + a Hint of Linux Programming and C (Paperback)

Computer Networking Beginners Guide: An Introduction on Wireless Technology and Systems Security to Pass CCNA Exam + a Hint of Linux Programming and C Cover Image
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Attract new customers with this book. They will love it Geared mainly toward beginners readers, the topic of Computer Networking is getting more and more discussed today as companies increasingly require professionals who can manage corporate networks.

"Are you studying for your CCNA exam?

Are you approaching the world of computer networking and want to fully understand all the fundamental concepts?

Do you want to know all the tools, potentials and weaknesses of a computer network, and take a dip in the programming by command line?

Do you want to learn how to juggle a complex infrastructure, using the most powerful software on the market?

Computer Networking is simply the formation of a computer network. A computer network can be defined as the collection of computers, printers, and other equipment that are connected (wired or wireless), with the ultimate aim of fostering communications between the devices. The process of creating this connection of devices is known as Computer Networking.

Technically, Computer Networking is referred to the process of transporting and exchanging data between points known as nodes, carried via a shared system, executed in an information system. The whole concept of Computer Networking does not consist only of the design, construction, and use of a network. It also involves the technical management, maintenance, and running of the involved infrastructure, software, and underlying policies.

Since the advent of wireless technologies, decades ago, our lives have never remained the same. And one thing is sure; it only promises to be better. With the gradual evolution of 5G in the mainstream, we can only imagine what is to come. One sentence does it, "Wireless technology has affected the very intrinsic properties of our lives."

It has affected the way we do business; it has transformed the way we learn; it has affected the way we communicate and keep up with family and friends. Everything has changed, and this is just a testimonial of things to come.

This guide will focus on the following:

  • Protocol
  • Mitigating Network Threats
  • IPv6
  • Wiring Your Building
  • Network Cabling
  • 802.11i Robust security networks
  • Subnetting
  • Why Automate the Network?
  • Addressing Process Risks
  • IPv4 Summarization...
  • And more

This book is very useful if you're studying for your CCNA exams. It includes every topic you need to know to pass the exam without any difficulty.

Have you looked at the table of contents and you think you are not able to understand the concepts contained in this book?

You'll think again when you see how simply and clearly each topic is dealt with, to allow you to understand everything deeply, even if you're starting from scratch."

This book is a real gold mine. It has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies and received rave reviews from readers all over the world. In the coming period, there will be an increasing need for talent capable of managing networks.Don't pass up the chance to have this book in your store.

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