Vagus Nerve: The Survival Guide to Vagus Nerve Healing, Self Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Empath Healing and Anger Manag (Paperback)

Vagus Nerve: The Survival Guide to Vagus Nerve Healing, Self Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Empath Healing and Anger Manag Cover Image
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If you have tried everything imaginable but have never been able to activate the healing power of your vagus nerve, this could be one of the most important books you have listened to in recent years.
Are you interested in discovering the extraordinary benefits associated with your vagus nerve?Are you a resourceful and determined individual but still find it hard to conquer anxiety and ignite the natural healing power of your own body?

The vagus nerve is the longest and most complex of all the 12 pairs of cranial nerves emanating from the brain Obviously, owing to its size and complexity, you can bet that its responsibilities are just as many. For example, it is responsible for carrying messages to and from the heart, brain, digestive system, various organs, and muscles. It is responsible for the parasympathetic nervous system and oversees many critical body functions, including communicating motor as well as sensory impulses to every body organ.

Vagus Nerve is written to help you discover and activate the enormous healing powers of your vagus nerve. This step-by-step playbook reveals how ordinary people from all walks of life can easily overcome anxiety and lead fuller, more satisfying lives by exercising their vagus nerves.

A lot of groundbreaking studies have discovered that stimulating the vagus nerve can help reduce inflammation, boost memory, and promote better mental health. However, as more people are embracing this lifestyle, there are lots of wrong information or misinformation out there.

Don't wait until you require electrical stimulation of your vagus nerve in a hospital to receive the benefits that come with a healthy and optimally functioning vagus nerve Start taking action to activate/stimulate it to bring about the much-needed health

What you'll discover inside this book:

How to turn your body into a natural healing machine by leveraging the power your vagus nerve

The surprising secrets of the vagus nerve only a few people truly know

How to strengthen your vagus nerve to upgrade your whole body

How to enjoy better mental health by activating your body-mind connection

Practical exercises to activate your vagus nerve naturally at home

And much more....
Whether your goal is to cure yourself of anxiety and PTSD finally, conquer constant irrational thoughts, or you simply want to know how to overcome chest pain and heart palpitations naturally, this book is written to empower you with profound and riveting information.

Don't wait any longer, start to listen your body, mind and Vagus Nerve, today
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ISBN: 9781801232326
ISBN-10: 1801232326
Publisher: Sir Nick International Ltd
Publication Date: January 8th, 2021
Pages: 116
Language: English