Magic Mushrooms: The Complete Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms - From Step-by-Step Cultivation Process to Safe Use for Psychedelic Therapy (Paperback)

Magic Mushrooms: The Complete Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms - From Step-by-Step Cultivation Process to Safe Use for Psychedelic Therapy Cover Image
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What do you know about psychedelic substances and the possibility of touching the deepest part of you?

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Since ancient times, human beings have always perceived power outside their rational sphere and tried many ways to achieve it, the use of magic mushrooms comes from years and years ago. In this book, the author takes you by the hand, letting you discover the 7 step fool-proof model for growing the fruits of the gods directly at home. You will find out the exact strategies, spacing from all the proven, different ways to grow magic mushrooms and avoid common mistakes, to precious suggestions to take care of yourself when you're on the trip. But if you are looking for a stiff technical guide, it would be better to look elsewhere, in this guide you will find much more.

In detail, you will learn:

Everything you need to know for the correct cultivation of Magic Mushrooms, from injection to harvesting, for an abundant and clean crop

  • Get valuable information to compose the best substrate for potent and healthy shrooms
  • Discover the complete toolkit for the psychedelic grower
  • Find out the 7 -Steps cultivation process explained in detail for complete beginners
  • Learn Proven ways to avoid pest and contamination during the cultivation process

All the aspects that make mushies unique, from the important benefits for personal development to the advantages of microdosing

  • Find out the power of psilocybin and the effects of its use since the earliest times of human history
  • Get to know the main important benefits of Magic Mushrooms in self development
  • Discover how Magic Mushrooms can enhance your sensitivity and empathy
  • Learn what microdosing is and how many artists and creatives are using it to increase their creativity dramatically

The essentials on how to manage a psychedelic journey, practical tips to stay safe, avoid bad trips and get the most out of your experience

  • Main aspects to consider when embarking on your first psychedelic journey
  • Learn all the parameters that can be checked for safe and pleasant use of the fruits of the gods
  • 6 Mind-Bending Facts about Magic Mushrooms that no-one ever told you
  • Learn how to distinguish the different levels of intensity of a psychedelic journey and how to define your needs

Even if you never watered a plant in your entire life, this beginner-suited book will guide you through every single step to get your first flush ready in less than 2 months. Once learned the strategies represented inside, you will no longer worry about safety and possible adverse effects Just Calmness, Deep Spirituality, and Aliveness... Are you ready?

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ISBN: 9781801186971
ISBN-10: 1801186979
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English