Wiccan: Complete Starter Kit to Understand the World of Wicca Through Beliefs, Spells and Rituals. 4 books in 1: Wicca for Beg (Hardcover)

Wiccan: Complete Starter Kit to Understand the World of Wicca Through Beliefs, Spells and Rituals. 4 books in 1: Wicca for Beg Cover Image
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Are you looking for a series of book that will help you understand the world of Wicca? Do you need to fully understand the magical aspects of Wicca and how your everyday life can benefit from it? This bundle of 4 books is perfect for you

These 4 books will cover all the fundamental aspects of Wicca, and they will help you becoming a good wiccan, by creating your personal altar and guiding you through dozens of spells, that will bring you many benefits.

Book n. 1: Wicca for Beginners

This practical introductory guide is the starting point to better understand the world of Wicca. At the end of the book you will have a much broader view and you will understand the real reasons why many people take an in-depth path with Wicca.

Here are the key points of the book:

  • How Wicca was born and how it got to the present day
  • Myths about Wicca: what's true and what isn't
  • Popular Wiccan rituals to learn about
  • The importance of herbs in Wicca
  • How to use basic spells
  • How to connect with the modern-day world as a Wiccan

With this book, you'll learn everything you need to know about Wicca in order to use it in life.

Book n. 2: Wicca Herbal Spells

Herbs are the oldest tool that has ever been used, because of their magical effects on various conditions.

These are the main topics of the book:

  • What is the relationship between wicca and herbs?
  • A detailed description of the main herbs used in wicca
  • A series of spells, described in detail, to be made with herbs
  • What positive energy is associated with each plant?
  • Find out how plants can help you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically
  • How plants interact with the four elements of Wicca
  • Different ways of applying spells to modern life
  • ...And more

Book n. 3: Wicca Moon Magic

Moon magic is a branch of Wiccan magic that ties nature and the Divine together. This book dives into all that Moon magic has to offer. Each lunar phase carries different energy that Wiccans can tap into when they cast their spells. Eclipses, changes in color, and rare lunar occurrences all herald new and wondrous things for those who work with the energy of the Moon.

Inside this book, Wiccans and magic workers will learn:

  • Moon lore from various cultures around the world
  • How the Moon's phases represent the Wiccan Triple Goddess
  • The unique energy signature carried by each phase of the Moon
  • What causes a variety of lunar events from blood on the Moon to harvest Moons
  • How lunar events change the Moon's magical properties
  • Rituals to honor both the new Moon and the full Moon, including ideas for ritual baths and clothing, incantations to summon the Moon's energy, the steps to cast a protective circle, and how to banish unwanted energy
  • How to summon the four elements from the cardinal directions to further power a spell
  • Spells for each of the Moon's four phases
  • How to adapt any spell to suit a waxing and waning Moon

Book n. 4: Wicca Crystal Magic

Crystals and stones are sacred magical tools which help in achieving something with the help of magick and rituals. Looking at a crystal from different angles will always render a magical feeling.

What will you find in this book?

  • Wicca and its relationship with crystals
  • A detailed list of the main crystals with beneficial powers
  • A detailed list of crystal-based spells
  • How to improve everyday life thanks to crystals
  • Reduce anger, stress and social anxiety
  • and more

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ISBN: 9781801138796
ISBN-10: 1801138796
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: October 21st, 2020
Pages: 560
Language: English