Kidney Disease Diet: This Book Includes: Renal Diet CookBook and Kidney Disease Diet. The First Complete Collection to Restore the Health o (Hardcover)

Kidney Disease Diet: This Book Includes: Renal Diet CookBook and Kidney Disease Diet. The First Complete Collection to Restore the Health o Cover Image
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This collection contains 2 books:

( Renal Diet CookBook and Kidney Disease Diet )

Improve Kidney Function and Prevent Diseaseswith Proper Nutrition and the Renal Diet

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or some

form of kidney disease?

Are you searching for a healthy, scientifically proven way to prevent and

stop these health issues?

You've heard about the Renal Diet, and looking for a Renal food guide and recipes?

If you recognize yourself in these scenarios, keep reading

There is a healthy, simple way to deal with kidney and chronic diseases.

This comprehensive bundle will show you that a change of nutrition and

lifestyle can be magical for both your physical and mental health

The Renal Diet has been specifically constructed for people

dealing with various health issues, the most prominent one being kidney disease.

The food listed here has been proven to help with this problem - it boosts your

kidney's functions and repels bad and harmful substances. But it also helps those

that suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other illnesses.

Here's what you'll learn from this bundle:

  • The role your kidneys play in your body and why is it so important to keep them healthy

  • Which diseases can be connected to the low function of kidneys and how to recognize the symptoms in your body

  • The various stages of kidney diseases and how to treat it, no matter the stage

  • Why is the Renal Diet so successful in treating these health issues

  • What to eat and what to avoid while on the Renal Diet

  • Over 70 healthy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks, sides, bread, and desserts.

Book 1 - Kidney Disease Diet ( 14 Recipes ) - Book 2 - Renal Diet Cookbook ( 64 Recipes )

  • All recipes come with full ingredient and nutritional lists, laid out benefits, and easy-to-follow instructions

  • Offering hope with new cures, therapies and medications made recently available and

those that are still in the research stage

  • The dangers of renal metabolic acidosis

  • And much, much more

While this diet is being praised for its prevention role, it has also been very successful in helping those that have already stepped into an advanced stage of kidney disease.

Use this two-book bundle to find out if you're a part of a risk group to develop kidney issues, but also to learn how to take steps to improve your condition.


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Take Control and Get This Bundle of Two Highly Valuable Books

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