Power Switch: How We Can Reverse Extreme Inequality (Paperback)

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"The bad news is that the world is in crisis; the good news is that transformative activism can overcome it. Will the more formal progressive institutions have the courage to go all in with that activism?" Ben Phillips, author of How to Fight InequalityIs it actually possible? ...that we might emerge from this pandemic with a peaceful global power switch from those who have too much to those who don't have enough? With billionaires able to decide the fate of nations, private corporations more powerful and less accountable than ever, and political autocrats around the world shaking our confidence in democratic institutions, power resides in all the wrong places. And so our world is in crisis. In such moments, activists find opportunities. Not to restore the pre-crises order, but to transform it. Paul O'Brien argues that progressive activists may never have a better opportunity to rewrite economic rules, systems and outcomes in favor of those who don't have enough. His book offers practical action steps for activists who want to drive a power switch that overcomes extreme inequalities in our world.

About the Author

Paul O'Brien is a Vice President at Oxfam America. For the last decade, he has overseen Oxfam America's advocacy with the US government and corporations. He has been an advisor to the President of Afghanistan and an organizer in Nairobi's slums. He was the President of the echoing green foundation and a wall street lawyer. He has a JD from Harvard Law School and has published on power and rights for more than three decades. He lives in Washington, District of Columbia.

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ISBN: 9781789047493
ISBN-10: 1789047498
Publisher: Changemakers Books
Publication Date: November 16th, 2020
Pages: 120
Language: English