Rescued: How God Delivered One Man from Demonic Depression, Epilepsy, and Death (Paperback)

Rescued: How God Delivered One Man from Demonic Depression, Epilepsy, and Death By Daniel B. Betsuamlak, Uberwriters LLC (Editor) Cover Image
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Daniel Betsuamlak, son of a renowned Ethiopian pastor, has an anointing to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from the day he is born, but threatened by God's call, Satan targets Daniel in merciless efforts to kill him before his ministry can begin.

A difficult birth, two near-fatal car accidents, resulting epilepsy, heavy, addictive medication, dark demonic depression and more, the devil pulls out all the stops to kill Daniel.

In this dramatic true story, Daniel lives through multiple wars, a Communist revolution, refugee flight from Ethiopia, a life-changing industrial accident and much more. The attacks keep coming until Daniel is having multiple grand mal seizures a week, he is completely enslaved to pharmaceutical drugs, and is oppressed by brutal, demonic depression.

Eventually, Daniel can no longer find the point of living.

Daniel has been taught his only hope is in Jesus Christ, the One who anointed him to preach the good news of salvation, yet from his pit of despair Daniel wonders if God has somehow forgotten him?

Discover this riveting story of tragedy, love, despair, and God's faithful, delivering power as you follow Daniel from Africa to Greece to Canada, where Daniel reaches his breaking point.

Can Daniel be RESCUED?

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ISBN: 9781778171307
ISBN-10: 1778171303
Publisher: Daniel Bahta Betsuamlak
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2022
Pages: 202
Language: English