Active Learning Online: Five Principles that Make Online Courses Come Alive (Paperback)

Active Learning Online: Five Principles that Make Online Courses Come Alive By Stephen M. Kosslyn Cover Image
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Inspired by the surge of online courses during the COVID 19 pandemic, researcher and educational innovator Stephen M. Kosslyn offers a treasure trove of active learning principles and activities to bring online courses alive.

Whether your course is synchronous (e.g., live with Zoom) or asynchronous (e.g., using video content on Canvas), Active Learning Online will inject your new or existing course with all the benefits of active learning: your course will be more interesting and effective, student engagement will increase, learning outcomes will be reached, and general teaching and learning experiences will be enriched.

At the heart of this book are five key principles from the science of learning that will help to ensure that that taught materials stick in students' minds: (1) deep processing, (2) chunking, (3) building associations, (4) dual coding, and (5) deliberate practice.

Based on these learning principles, Active Learning Online provides a wealth of specific active learning exercises that you can implement in your classes immediately. Further, it provides you with the tools to create your own active learning exercises, tailored to your specific interests and the subject matter of your class.

To provide the very best, scientifically-proven online learning experience (not to mention hybrid and in-person learning experiences), Active Learning Online is an invaluable resource for instructors, course designers, school administrations and teacher-education students.

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ISBN: 9781735810706
ISBN-10: 1735810703
Publisher: Alinea Knowledge, LLC
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2020
Pages: 120
Language: English