Surviving a Viral Pandemic: Thru the Lens of Naturopathic Medical Doctor (Large Print / Paperback)

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Dr. Heather Herington's Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor is a no-nonsense must read for all those in search of a bona fide means to deal with the ongoing health crisis in America and beyond. Whether you're a health professional, or someone familiar with the practice of natural medicine and its various subcategories, or one of many with an underlying medical condition, this book is for you. Or, if you're simply not satisfied by the advice of the current medical establishment to simply wear a mask, stay at home, and social distance wherever or whenever necessary until a vaccine comes along to solve all your problems, you will want to read her dynamic account of how natural medical practitioners throughout history have used homeopathy, botanicals, and traditional native and Chinese medicines to deal successfully with viral epidemics like CO-VID19. She'll expose the flu and relative corona viruses in all their pathogenic glory, and show you how you can summon your own immune system to fight a hijacker successfully. She'll school you on how natural medicine and techniques boost and restore your compromised immune system and provide you with a weekly schedule to guide you back to wellness. This is what you need to know because once you recognize and know your enemy, once you're able to understand its mode of attack, and its weaknesses, the better your chances to deal with it without fear and on your own terms. And that is why you need to put Dr. Heather's survival book on your bedside table as soon as it's published. This book is dedicated to that growing segment of our population who wants and needs to know the truth, the ins and outs about why and how our population's health and well being have become so vulnerable, and how natural medicine, partnered with its more established relative, can lead us out from under the shadow of this sickening and confusing dilemma.

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ISBN: 9781735630809
ISBN-10: 1735630802
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Dr Heather L Herington
Publication Date: August 28th, 2020
Pages: 286
Language: English