Persuade, Don't Preach: Restoring Civility Across the Political Divide (Paperback)

Persuade, Don't Preach: Restoring Civility Across the Political Divide By Karen Tibbals Cover Image
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Endorsed by Richard Rohr: "This book is a helpful guide to how to understand people in such a way that you can talk to them more productively."

As a society, we've become so polarized, we don't know how to talk to each other anymore. When we disagree, we often start to preach. And then the other person freezes or explodes. The next thing we know, we're even more polarized than we were to begin with.

What's the key to get past this?

It all comes down to persuading instead of preaching.

Karen Tibbals distills the latest social science research to create a practical plan for talking to each other in a respectful and civil way-a way that enables people to get past their differences.

Persuade, Don't Preach explains why people differ and why what we're doing now simply doesn't work. You'll understand why particular groups of people focus on certain issues. This knowledge will bring you to true understanding and guide you to developing a plan for approaching people you disagree with in a way that restores civility and allows them to listen.

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ISBN: 9781733574921
ISBN-10: 1733574921
Publisher: Karenjtibbals LLC
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English