Divine Works of Recovery: Supernatural ways through which God recover our loses. (Paperback)

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This book is written to quicken your mortal body, stair up your spirit, and encourage you to stand to your feet and recover all that Satan and his cohorts have stolen from you. You can't afford to allow the Devil to retain the things he has stolen from you and continue stealing from you. There is a popular saying that; "every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner.". I don't know how long the enemy has been stealing from you; it is time to recover and reclaim your losses.

It is the nature of Satan to steal. If he succeeds in stealing, it becomes easier for him to kill and destroy. This menace of Satan and his cohorts have reduced the potency of the virtues which God deposited in the lives of His people, and also render the destiny of many people useless. Satan has robbed many people of their salvation, gifts, talents, marriages, jobs, businesses, properties, and even their lives.
In this book, you will learn and gain the revelation knowledge on:

  • How Satan steal from the people,
  • How God Almighty recover our losses
  • Our roles in the Divine works of recovery
  • How to retain what you have recovered

No one enjoys losing something good. A pregnant woman is never happy when she experiences miscarriage during pregnancy or loses her child after birth. Businessmen and women feel so sad whenever they fail in any business venture. In sports, no team feels happy whenever they lose a match or tournament to their opponent. This is a general and natural feeling in all ramifications of life. No one enjoys losing important things, and it shouldn't happen in your own life. If you have lost any before now, lift up your voice and pray for recovery and restoration of your loses. God will surely grant you miraculous restoration.

Many people lose one thing or the other every day because Satan steals every day. As God gives us daily benefits, so Satan gives us daily problems. Unfortunately, the majority of these set of people who had lost great riches and virtues to Satan, are making little or no effort to recover their belongings from the Devil.

This book will enlighten you and equally help you to avoid those things which make Satan has the edge over you and steal from you. This is a book you should study with adequate devotion. Avoid any form of distraction while reading this book and invite the Holy Spirit to conduct "divine works of recovery" in your life. There shall be clear signs and evidence that God is restoring you even as you go through this book.

There are certain facts about a thief or thieves that we should know;

  • A thief comes without notification.
  • A thief comes to rob you of your goods and belongings.
  • A thief can do anything to get what he wants, even if it means killing someone.
  • A thief is cruel and wicked.
  • A thief sees stealing as a business and not an act of evil.
  • A thief comes each time he noticed that something good has come into someone's life.
  • A thief is not mindful of your loss. He is mindful of his gain. Etc.

These ungodly characteristics of a thief or thieves should call for your attention, and equally awaken you into realizing the damages the Devil might have done in the lives of many people, and the destruction he may still cause if you slumber in sleep and merry in relaxation without praying down the mighty hand of God to put an end to these evil operations of the Devil. You must be mindful of whatsoever the Devil has stolen from you and quickly seek recovery through divine intervention. Study this book with adequate devotion. Pray the prayers in this book, and see God recover your loses.

With God, recovery is possible.

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ISBN: 9781705643136
ISBN-10: 1705643132
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 6th, 2019
Pages: 130
Language: English