Dacorvm Falces: The illusive curved swords of the Geto-Dacians (Paperback)

Dacorvm Falces: The illusive curved swords of the Geto-Dacians Cover Image
By Dan Palimaru (Translator), Catalin Borangic
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The present work's aim is to gather a maximum of historical, artistic and archaeological information regarding the curved weapons used by the Geto-Dacians, to clarify, where appropriate, the terminology, the origin, the spread, the ethno-cultural influence and, finally, to be constituted in a database to further the research on the field, being aware that this study is only a stage of the project to reconstruct the Geto-Dacian military phenomenon.The diverse categories of curved weapons known in the area of the Thracians, from the huge rhomphaea and mahaira characteristic to the southern Balkans, to the falx dacica or the sica daggers, typical of the North-Balkan Geto-Dacians, all display different technical and typological characteristics as well as various ways of combat use.Discover unique experimental archaeology and reenactment investigative methods revealing the technological path and specific tactical possibilities, penetrating as deep as possible into the historical matrix of this weapon.

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ISBN: 9781704215440
ISBN-10: 1704215447
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 11th, 2019
Pages: 422
Language: English