Adhesive Arachnoiditis: An Old Disease Re-Emerges in Modern Times (Paperback)

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Why the sudden resurgence in adhesive arachnoiditis? Why is it making a comeback now, and what can be done to treat it and prevent it from occurring? This ground-breaking book attempts to answer these questions, and more- offer hope and healing for what was once considered among one of the worst incurable, terrifying and painful diseases known to humankind. Dr. Forest Tennant, currently the foremost expert on adhesive arachnoiditis (AA) in the world, and author of this book, provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into the disease of adhesive arachnoiditis. During Dr.Tennant's 40 plus years of clinical practice, he diagnosed and treated some of the rarest, medically complex conditions that generate severe intractable pain. He took on the challenge of treating patients with adhesive arachnoiditis that had failed standard treatments that no other doctors would treat. A tireless researcher, he discovered effective treatments and protocols brought forth from his long experience as a practicing physician, along with deep caring and compassion for those who are truly suffering. Dr.Tennant takes his Hippocratic Oath seriously Learning much from his patients with adhesive arachnoiditis, he has often said that they are his greatest teachers. He and his colleagues, fellow arachnoiditis sufferers themselves, attempt to shed light and hope on this formerly incurable, devasting disease. It is their hope that this book provides a touchstone and guide for adhesive arachnoiditis patients and their families worldwide. This book is a direct result of the many years of Dr.Tennant's clinical experience as a practicing physician, and his success in treating and improving patient's health and quality of life in spite of a devasting diagnosis. His colleague's insights and experience of living with adhesive arachnoiditis, traversing the often-frustrating journey of trying to get a diagnosis, and receive effective treatment were difficult. This book will help those who suspect they may have adhesive arachnoiditis get a swift and proper diagnosis, and avoid delay in effective treatment. Tips to treat and prevent adhesive arachnoiditis are clearly outlined in this book. Treatment of adhesive arachnoiditis brings enhanced health, quality of life and joy to the years in spite of having a devastating disease. It is our sincere hope that the prevention tips outlined in this book will be heeded so that future cases of arachnoiditis will be drastically reduced. There is hope and help.

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ISBN: 9781688914155
ISBN-10: 1688914153
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 28th, 2019
Pages: 74
Language: English