ISEE Upper Level: 2500+ Practice Questions (Paperback)

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2022 Edition Revisions

We've completely redone our workbook

  • Our entire book is now all multiple-choice. We have 2500+ multiple-choice, ISEE Upper Level questions - that's more questions than any other book on the market.
  • We now have 400+ pages of detailed answer solutions available online for every question in this book. You can find them at
  • We've added more verbal questions.
  • We've made minor changes to the structure of the book.
  • We've made revisions to correct for minor errata

The ISEE Upper Level is a challenging test that tests a wide range of concepts. Comprehensive practice is essential for scoring well on this difficult exam. That's why this workbook includes more practice questions than any other ISEE Upper Level book on the market The 2500+ practice questions found in this book are designed to teach you the exact topics and question types that show up on the ISEE Upper Level. The book includes:
  • 3 full-length practice tests
  • Over 2500 multiple-choice practice questions, logically grouped into 8 mini-courses.
  • Questions that progress in difficulty so students can master the fundamentals of a topic and then work their way up to more challenging, test-like questions.
  • 1500+ math questions covering over 60 math topics that show up on the test.
  • Over 60 practice reading passages, with question-specific mini passages.
  • Over 400 verbal practice questions.
  • 20 practice essay prompts and key strategies for writing the essay.

Students can self prepare using this book or learn the concepts with a parent, tutor, or online resources. However, for best results, we recommend using this book with our Comprehensive ISEE Upper Level Video Course

With over 30 hours of video explanations, our video course walks students through every topic that shows up in this book. It also includes solution videos for all three full-length practice tests in this book and comes with 150+ bonus questions. Learn more by visiting

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