Enneagram Self-Discovery: Understand Personality Types to Enhance Your Spiritual Growth & Build Healthy Relationships (Paperback)

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Would You Like to Start Seeing the World Through Other People's Eyes to Understand How and Why They Think, Feel, and Act the Way They Do? Then Keep Reading...

Your personality is who you are.

To know yourself, you need to know your personality traits. But it's not always easy to figure ourselves out though. That's where the Enneagram comes in.

It offers a TRUE understanding of your inner world and a multi-dimensional map to help you figure out what makes you tick, why you STRUGGLE in certain relationships, and how to grow into a well-adapted person.

What makes the Enneagram so powerful is its ability to peel off the layers of your ego & false self.

Your Enneagram Type will REVEAL your drives, motivations, fears, and desires, while enabling you to understand yourself and easily connect with others to form meaningful relationships

In this powerful Enneagram guide, you'll discover:

  • A simple solution to MASSIVELY transform your self-awareness & understand your core beliefs, habits, and behavior
  • The ultimate guide to understanding how people in your life see the world in order to build stronger relationships with them
  • The most VITAL aspect to increasing compassion and understanding for yourself and others
  • How to regain your positivity when negative thoughts or feelings start creeping in
  • What your strengths are, and the secret to UNLOCK your unique, authentic power
  • How to use your Enneagram results to lead a valuable and more fulfilling life
  • And much more

Whether your personal challenge is self-discipline, being less tough on yourself, breaking negative thought patterns, or low self-confidence, the Enneagram will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome them in order to align your life with your deepest values

So if you're ready to uncover your core traits and learn how to stay true to yourself through deeper understanding, don't hesitate...

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ISBN: 9781675290927
ISBN-10: 167529092X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 14th, 2019
Pages: 194
Language: English