Confusion in Christianity: Decoding the Doctrines (Paperback)

Confusion in Christianity: Decoding the Doctrines By Miguel Stephano Cover Image
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Are you an open-minded atheist or agnostic interested in studying the Bible for a greater understanding of history? Are you a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or new-age practitioner who would like a peek into the Bible to compare beliefs? Are you a Bible-believing Christian whose pastor refuses to go deeper on obscure, confusing, or generally misunderstood matters? Or maybe you hold a different worldview and would like the truth about the man known as Jesus?
If you have an open mind and the capacity to think critically, this book will cut through the gimmicks and falsities commonly taught regarding the Bible. We will decode the Bible's doctrines in an unfiltered, stimulating, and sometimes shocking way as we escape denominational teachings that distort the Biblical authors' original messages. Prepare to be enlightened as we walk through complex parts of the Bible to gain a refreshing perspective on matters of salvation, healing, fear, death, the afterlife, creation, cosmology, fallen angels, giants, demons, unseen principalities, the coming apocalypse, Judgment, and much more!

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ISBN: 9781667881690
ISBN-10: 1667881698
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: January 19th, 2023
Pages: 566
Language: English