Cracking Calvin (Paperback)

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Is it really impossible for the average person to hear the gospel and come to Christ by inviting him into your life? Is it true that God has determined your eternal destiny even before you were born? Christ seems to invite everyone to himself throughout the pages of the New Testament, but is this a hoax? Calvinists have been relegated to a closet inside of evangelicalism for nearly five hundred years but they have broken out and have become aggressive in their promotion of what they call their Doctrines of Grace, even to other Christians. This book will help if your friend is a Calvinist and is promoting what sounds logical to your ears. It will give you answers if your new pastor is promoting Reform Theology in your church. Written in a easy-to-read handbook format, Cracking Calvin will give you the answers to these and other questions that you have been searching to find.

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ISBN: 9781666711806
ISBN-10: 1666711802
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English