Regents Algebra II Power Pack Revised Edition (Prebound)

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Barron's two-book Regents Algebra II Power Pack provides comprehensive review, actual administered exams, and practice questions to help students prepare for the Algebra II Regents exam.

This edition includes:
  • One actual Regents exam online

Regents Exams and Answers: Algebra II
  • Six actual, administered Regents exams so students have the practice they need to prepare for the test
  • Review questions grouped by topic, to help refresh skills learned in class
  • Thorough explanations for all answers
  • Score analysis charts to help identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Study tips and test-taking strategies

Let's Review Regents: Algebra II
  • Extensive review of all topics on the test, including Polynomial Functions, Exponents and Equations, Transformation of Functions, Trigonometric Functions and Graphs, and Using Sine and Cosine
  • Extra exercise problems with answers
  • Two actual, administered Regents exams so students can get familiar with the test

About the Author

About the Publisher In the 1930s, Manuel H. Barron opened a bookstore in Brooklyn, New York. People from the community asked Mr. Barron about books that might be available to help their children study for the New York State Regents exams. After realizing there wasn't anything available, Mr. Barron created his own study guides. 80 years later, Barron's has helped millions of people prepare for their next step.

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ISBN: 9781663626196
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Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Pages: 960
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