Boundless Intimacy: The Eye And Treasury Of Core-Self (Paperback)

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In Boundless Intimacy, Dr. Bonnici teaches you how to courageously live from the still intelligent light of your core-Self, how to recover the ever fresh wonder and clarity of your beginner's heartmind, how to daily nourish your well-being, inner growth, and longevity, how to peacefully advance freedom, equality, and justice for all human beings, how to realize all your dreams without stressing, grasping, or expecting, how to experience the farther reaches of loving and being loved, and how to live a deeply fulfilling life in the sacred and timeless moment of Now.

As you conscientiously study and apply the teachings within Dr. Bonnici's book, your everyday life and relationships will be enriched and enhanced far beyond your expectations. As your spirited, loving, and vibrant aliveness exceeds your expectations, you will continue to arrive as a radically fulfilled human being who daily embodies integrity, wisdom, love, compassion, boundless intimacy, and endless gratitude.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662902512
ISBN-10: 1662902514
Publisher: Peaceful Light Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2021
Pages: 322
Language: English