Biblical Principles for Financial Decisions (Hardcover)

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Biblical Principles for Financial Decisions is a practical book on how to apply the Bible in every day finance. The book addresses Goals, Budgets, Retirement, Giving, Debts, Entrepreneurship and Taxes all from God's perspective. It is especially unique in its application for Biblical investing. The inclusion of and reliance upon material taken directly from Scripture to support and expand upon the authors' ideas grounds the work in biblical truth, lending authority to the text and enriching the reading experience by directing readers to applicable parts of the Bible they may not have found alone. You will find the authors personal anecdotes and historical context a refreshing variation which allow the book to surpass a finance textbook, and make it an enjoyable experience to read and apply. Pastor Scott McFeters has a passion for sharing practical Biblical truth. His work as a children's pastor, and as a retirement home chaplain have greatly helped him to learn to convey truth in simple, easy to understand ways. He has served in full time ministry since 2012. He was married in 2015 to his lovely wife Rachel, and they are expecting their first child in late 2021.

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ISBN: 9781662826887
ISBN-10: 1662826885
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: September 26th, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English