Unintended Consequence: Transforming America- How and Why We Came to This Place (Hardcover)

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Being a citizen requires more than just being a resident.

If you intend to vote in 2020 or beyond, then you should read this book before you vote. If you do not intend to vote, then you should read this book to understand why you should vote. Consider this a primer in contemporary civics.

It is not meant to tell you what to think; instead, it is purposed to encourage you to think, to inspire you to question, challenge, validate, explore, and consider. It is intended to demonstrate how legislative policies have historically led to unintended consequences that then required additional legislation to resolve the unforeseen outcome. Our history is riddled with such instances.

Most government programs are based upon noble principles on their onset-national security, to assist the economically disadvantaged, to provide a head start for those with inferior educational opportunity, or to provide a safety net for those who lack medical coverage. While some societal good and redressing of our national shortcomings have resulted from these efforts, the objectives of most remain unachieved. The cost has led to unsustainable national debt.

Moderation and compromise are the proper pathways to governing our great nation. Our politics have become so party-polarized that moderation and compromise seem impossible. We must all share the same fundamental priority-nation over party.

We will retrace our history to understand how we came to this place. Where does government responsibility end and personal responsibility begin? Let us examine these progressive laws, assess their success, and consider their cost to the US taxpayer.

Diversity is an admirable thing, but in certain instances, uniformity is preferable. Charity is a blessed thing, but self-sufficiency is everlasting. Public assistance is a moral thing, but fiscal responsibility is an obligation.

The decisions we make as a nation must transcend party politics and philosophies and refocus upon the larger, more compelling obligation of sustaining America, its history, its glory, and its future.

Ronald Reagan cautioned that "we must act today in order to preserve tomorrow."

We must stand against the erosion of our democracy, economy, national security, and the basic moral fabric of our nation.

The world is watching, and so are our grandchildren.

Carpe diem.

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