Print and Cursive Handwriting Workbook: 35 Lessons to Improve Your Penmanship (Paperback)

Print and Cursive Handwriting Workbook: 35 Lessons to Improve Your Penmanship By Sally Sanders Cover Image
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Improve your print and cursive handwriting, while appreciating the beauty and benefits of written words

This comprehensive print and cursive handwriting workbook for adults gives clear instruction and a sequential program of exercises that progress your penmanship to become perfectly polished. Make your best impression when writing in birthday cards, thank-you notes, postcards, love letters, and more. A chapter on calligraphy and hand lettering guides you to take your handwriting practice even further.
  • Practical, encouraging approach—Anyone can improve their handwriting with a little practice. This workbook presents straightforward instruction, with an appreciation for the beauty of handwriting.
  • Achieve your penmanship goals—Whether you want to increase your handwriting's legibility, write more quickly, or write in a way that presents a positive image, this is the workbook for you.
  • Analyze handwriting weaknesses—This book offers methods and lessons to identify and correct handwriting flaws, and helps you develop your own distinct, unique style.

Handwritten notes hold more value, so learn how to perfect the look of your penmanship.

Praise For…

“With her Print and Cursive Handwriting Book, Sally Sanders pulls us—by the hand—out of the frantic pace of modern life and into a world of measured, intentional purpose. A world in which mastery is not about speed, but rather about developing the kind of personal handwritten expression capable of revealing to its reader the caring heart and centered mind of the writer. This book will help anyone develop beautiful handwriting, as well as great confidence in how to express oneself on paper.”—Matt Damon, author of the children’s book, The Fall of General Custard or The Overthrow of a Leftover

“Sally’s book is both primer and tribute to the lost art of handwriting. A handwritten ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ conveys far more than any emoticon can. She shows with clear instructions and gentle encouragement how by-hand is by-heart.”—Judy Dundas

“This book is a wonderful resource for those trying to be more mindful of their handwriting. As a kid, my bad handwriting gave me anxiety. As an adult, I am conscious of how my handwriting reflects on me, especially in the workplace. This book is full of helpful suggestions and information about handwriting. I learned so much reading it, and I am enjoying sharing lessons with my kids—hopefully helping spare them from handwriting anxiety!”—John Koehn

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ISBN: 9781641524179
ISBN-10: 1641524170
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 26th, 2019
Pages: 150
Language: English