Managing ADHD Workbook for Women: Exercises and Strategies to Improve Focus, Motivation, and Confidence (Paperback)

Managing ADHD Workbook for Women: Exercises and Strategies to Improve Focus, Motivation, and Confidence By Christy Duan, Kathleen Fentress Tripp, Beata Lewis Cover Image
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Find focus and feel more in control with this ADHD guide for women

Women with ADHD face unique challenges, but there are proven ways to understand and manage ADHD in your daily life. This ADHD workbook for adults breaks down the symptoms of ADHD, with strategies for navigating the ones that might be holding you back and emphasizing what makes you feel confident and capable.

Skill-building exercises—Learn simple ways to improve practical skills like time management and organization, as well as emotional skills like acceptance and self-esteem.

Relatable stories—Find inspiration in stories from other women with ADHD and how they've used these tips to succeed personally and professionally.

Support for all women—This advice is designed to be useful no matter your age, your lifestyle, or what age you were diagnosed.

Learn how to embrace adult ADHD with evidence-backed tips and activities that can help you achieve your goals.

About the Author

CHRISTY DUAN, MD, is a psychiatrist whose work specializes in women and those with ADHD. She’s also passionate about social justice, disability rights, and addressing the needs of underserved populations.

KATHLEEN FENTRESS TRIPP is a Yale-educated psychiatric nurse practitioner and mother. She has worked with many children and adults on both behavioral strategies and medications to manage ADHD.

BEATA “BLISS” LEWIS, MD, is a psychiatrist and integrative medicine doctor. She graduated with a degree in biology from Harvard University and earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School.

Praise For…

"This safe and welcoming book, written by a trio of female mental health clinicians, offers women a comfortingly organized approach to ADHD's many parts through the compassionate and loving lens of its authors' experience. The fill-in-the-blank questionnaires alone will not only build your skills but result in a valuable self-inventory you can use to find the most supportive environments for your unique brain." —Joan Wilder, author of Help for Women with ADHD: My Simple Strategies for Conquering Chaos

"When you finally discover the possibility of ADHD, it can feel overwhelming. Who do you see? Which sources can you trust—amid so many websites, books, and podcasts! Managing ADHD: Workbook for Women guides you into the topic as a wise friend might. Clear. Empathic. Approachable. So very useful." —Gina Pera, author of Is It You, Me, or Adult ADHD?

"ADHD is often overlooked in adults, especially in women, who often go on struggling with self-understanding and self-doubt. This book gives women with ADHD a blueprint to recognize how ADHD shows up in their lives and how to respond to daily challenges. Written with compassion by three women who specialize in treating ADHD, the book offers practical skills to not only manage ADHD but to appreciate neurodiversity, cultivate confidence and enhance well-being along the way." —Lidia Zylowska, MD, psychiatrist and author of The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD and Mindfulness for Adult ADHD: A Clinician's Guide

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