War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers (Paperback)

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They suffer physical injury and moral trauma as they fight in wars to protect us - while most of us are unaware of their efforts. If we send our soldiers to war, we also are responsible for welcoming them home and helping them heal. By reading these stories as told to psychiatrist, Dr. Ted Beal, Americans learn to be present to the families, friends and neighbors who served in our place. War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers is a collection of 31 riveting stories told by soldiers and heard and experienced by Dr. Beal, the professional listener. This unique narrative weaves Beal's clinical observations with the veterans war stories of trauma and its treatments. Following each essay are Dr. Beal's thoughts and questions generated by each soldier's experience. Read and learn why some war trauma is so monumental that it cannot be contained within an individual soldier or family but must become part of our national collective responsibility to them.

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ISBN: 9781633939479
ISBN-10: 1633939472
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: November 25th, 2019
Pages: 238
Language: English