Stevie Tenderheart Seven Rules: On Becoming a Fantastic Kid (Paperback)

Stevie Tenderheart Seven Rules: On Becoming a Fantastic Kid Cover Image
By Maridel Maddie Miguel (Illustrator), Nancy Watson (Illustrator), Steve William Laible
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Summary: A gentle, illustrated guidebook for younger children trying to navigate their otherwise complicated childhoods.

Kids learn from Stevie Tenderheart because he's a good role model.

He lets them know exactly what they need to know without being preachy. (They listen better that way.)

Why build your
Stevie Tenderheart
Home Library Today?


Because: Kindness Wins the Day

Stevie books are perfect for Bright Eyes & Toothless Grins. They will touch your heart.

Stevie books appeal to positivity, kindness and a general feeling of self-confidence and well-being.

Stevie bedtime storybooks help children feel silly, loved, (safe & cozy) at bedtime for a gentle night's sleep. (That's all any parent wants.) The rhythmic storytelling cadence (stories within stories) and the adorable wildlife illustrations, quite simply, captivate young imaginations. As the younger children in your life listen intently to your every word, Stevie's wonderful journeys replace the noise of the day with innocence, kindness and play-all the things sweet dreams are made of, appear on these pages.

Stevie books also help parents put their children to bed night after night, on time, every time, guaranteed.

-- Just be mindful when you say, "It's Stevie time." They will likely hear, "It's TV time." (And that's on you.)

All snuggled into their beds, their covers wrapped up around their heads, 5-10 pages a night ought to do the trick.

Your child's bright eyes and fascination will surrender to the sandman, as questions, comments, giggles and grins melt away into lullabies of yawns, whispered sighs and heavy eyes, leading to a gentle night's sleep.

(Stevie Tenderheart books have been lauded with 600+ Goodreads ratings and reviews.)

Product Details
ISBN: 9781624850448
ISBN-10: 1624850448
Publisher: Kodel Group
Publication Date: November 28th, 2019
Pages: 40
Language: English