Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 5622 (Paperback)

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Updated sections: The entire K-6 book has been re-worked, using more recent examples and more specified content based on current issues that challenge teachers. Almost every page has been re-written. The new content matches exactly to the tested standards, to give the test taker a very detailed view of what she will need to know as she prepares for this assessment. Common Core standards have been added. The focus on culturally responsive classrooms and updated technology, along with new issues facing this new generation of parents and teachers required the book to be updated to match these changes. With the higher expectations placed on teachers due to federal education laws and high stakes testing, teachers must be more knowledgeable than ever before. This book not only explains the many historical educational theorists, but now incorporates recent theorists such as Gloria Ladson-Billings, as well as multiple strategies to differentiate instruction to match the multiple learning styles in today's classroom. There are also summaries of important educational court cases that have set precedents for how today's classrooms function. The focus is on the exam, what will be tested, and what a prospective educator needs to know. - Each practice test now includes 70 multiple choice questions instead of 50. Additionally, there are now four constructed response questions instead of three. Four Domains are broken down into 10 Competencies, which are then further broken down into 80 skills based on specific and easy to access, organized content based on the Praxis standards. There are specific examples and questions for the K-6 classrooms. (into 80 skill details), formerly 19.

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ISBN: 9781607874942
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Publication Date: September 21st, 2015
Pages: 198
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