Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice (Paperback)

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This book has been replaced by Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-4625-4193-5.

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"A unique reference that comprehensively reviews a broad and complicated history of ideas and research in an easy-to-read format replete with a colorful back story and editorial commentary by a true clinical and scientific expert....Paris provides a complete overview of the history of research on BPD in a way that practically informs a coherent clinical approach to treating individuals with the diagnosis....Paris manages to lighten the reader's load by dividing the literature into manageable chapters, which include case vignettes that deftly illustrate the clinical relevance of the scientific material that is presented. Another help to the reader is that Paris concludes each chapter with easy-to-remember pearls presented in a bulleted list entitled 'Clinical Implications'....This book serves as a much-needed reference for practicing clinicians during a time when psychiatry at large has solidly shifted to more evidence-based approaches and the empirical basis for treating BPD has been more firmly established....What Paris does most effectively and helpfully in this book is provide a means for the practicing clinician to gain expertise in a specialized, empirically informed approach to treating BPD, without the need for allegiance to a particular 'brand name' validated approach....The style of the book is highly readable and surprisingly conversational....The book reads almost as if it were a direct supervision by Paris himself, a highly respected clinician-researcher who is a major figure in the development of our field's understanding of BPD....Highly recommended to clinicians of all levels of experience looking to familiarize themselves with the evidence base for the treatment of BPD. It is ideal for trainees and teachers as well as academics and private practitioners. Even for researchers, it is a valuable orienting review text that does a good job of demonstrating the ties between scientific findings and treatment approaches for BPD."
— Journal of Psychiatric Practice

"This volume begins with a critical summary of current research on the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Noting that treatments used with apparent success in clinical trials are not readily available for many borderline patients, in succeeding chapters Paris presents a number of treatment principles that derive from these methods and from the clinical wisdom he has accumulated from many years of practice and research on borderline personality disorder....This book's refreshing and no-nonsense style is highly accessible, and Paris' conclusions may relieve students who are often frightened when assigned to work with borderline patients....I highly recommend this book and believe it will be helpful to experienced clinicians as well as to social work, psychology, and medical students, interns, and residents who are interested in working with severely personality-disordered patients."
— Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

"Paris approaches a subject he knows very well by critically reviewing the available psychosocial and pharmacological therapies for borderline personality disorder (BPD). He explores evidence-based treatments and translates the research, with numerous examples from his own lengthy clinical experience, into a set of practical guidelines with recommendations for clinicians for improving diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical management....This is a sensible and thoughtful book with practical applications for anyone interested in, or working with, individuals with BPD."
— The British Journal of Psychiatry

"Providing good treatment to people with borderline personality disorder comes with many challenges: assessing safety, managing boundaries, selecting appropriate therapeutic interventions, and even making the correct diagnosis. Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, calling upon both clinical experience and a rigorous review of the research literature, provides a guide to each of these facets of patient care....This book is written by one of the foremost experts in borderline personality disorder....Written with clarity and offers sophisticated and advanced analysis that will be instructive to anyone offering treatment to persons with this disorder, regardless of the clinician's level of experience. The summary of research is concisely written in a straightforward and clinically applicable manner....Throughout, the author offers the field's best practices for diagnosis and care as well as his own expertise. Case examples illustrate key points....This is an excellent resource, offering a balance of science, wisdom, and insight designed to improve the treatment of those affected by borderline personality disorder."
— Psychiatric Services

"[Paris] has gone far in bringing together the evidence from extensive clinical experience and systematic research to create order in a formerly chaotic field. Replete with clinical vignette, his book is ideal as a teaching guide for graduate students and residents, and an up-to-date source of contemporary knowledge for experienced clinicians."
— The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"Joel Paris gives a thorough overview of the dilemmas in correctly diagnosing and providing the best possible service to individuals living with aspects of this disorder. Dr. Paris's professional experience in treatment and research, combined with an easy-to-read writing style, make this an interesting and educational text for service providers with a range of clinical experience....This guide provides and excellent overview to mental health and rehabilitation practitioners so that they can consider this information to enhance their work."
— Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

"Written for clinicians, the book is helpful for anyone interested in BPD. It discusses symptoms and diagnosis and psychosocial and pharmacological treatment options."
— Advocate Magazine e-newsletter

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ISBN: 9781606238646
ISBN-10: 1606238647
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: March 25th, 2010
Pages: 260
Language: English