Time Great Discoveries: Explorations That Changed History (Hardcover)

Time Great Discoveries: Explorations That Changed History Cover Image
By Richard Stengel (Editor), Kelly Knauer (Editor), Ellen Fanning (Designed by)
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Here is a book designed to inspire the heart, challenge the mind, delight the eye, engage the armchair traveler and, yes, encourage your bootheels to be wanderin'. The editors of Time have sought out the most exciting new discoveries in the fields of geography, paleontology, astronomy and archaeology and combined them with classic tales of exploration to present a book that is vast in scope and pulsing with the energy of fresh knowledge. It includes the latest updates on the fascinating fossilized dinosaur-birds of China; reports of revelatory recent digs in Egypt; and an overview of new findings from the swarm of craft now investigating Mars, Jupiter and the moons of Saturn. The book's journey takes us from Siberia's Yamal Peninsula, where the 40,000-year-old carcass of the baby mammoth Lyuba emerged from the permafrost, to a mysterious cave on Indonesia's island of Flores, where an unusual species of miniature early humans, dubbed "the hobbits," once lived. The cast of striking characters includes the brilliant Chinese paleontologist Xing Xu, Egypt's famed tomb-raider Zahi Hawass-and nasa's plucky Martian rovers, Opportunity and Spirit. Readers will be surprised to learn how much new information has emerged in recent years about subjects we thought we knew well, from the wreck of the Titanic to the mysteries of the Pueblo cliff-dwellers of the American Southwest. In addition to its probing, wide-ranging account of great discoveries past and present, the book offers a host of arresting photographs that create a spectacular visual panorama of Planet Earth's most powerful forces and most exotic regions. Welcome aboard-and bon voyage

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ISBN: 9781603200837
ISBN-10: 1603200835
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment
Publication Date: October 1st, 2009
Pages: 138
Language: English