3 AM Epiphany (Paperback)

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Discover Just How Good Your Writing Can Be

If you write, you know what it's like. Insight and creativity - the desire to push the boundaries of your writing - strike when you least expect it. And you're often in no position to act: in the shower, driving the kids to school...in the middle of the night.

The 3 A.M. Epiphany offers more than 200 intriguing writing exercises designed to help you think, write, and revise like never before - without having to wait for creative inspiration. Brian Kiteley, noted author and director of the University of Denver's creative writing program, has crafted and refined these exercises through 15 years of teaching experience.

You'll learn how to:

   • Transform staid and stale writing patterns into exciting experiments in fiction
   • Shed the anxieties that keep you from reaching your full potential as a writer
   • Craft unique ideas by combining personal experience with unrestricted imagination
   • Examine and overcome all of your fiction writing concerns, from getting started to writer's block

Open the book, select an exercise, and give it a try. It's just what you need to craft refreshing new fiction, discover bold new insights, and explore what it means to be a writer.

It's never too early to start--not even 3 A.M.

About the Author

Brian Kiteley is the director of the creative writing programme at a leading US university. A frequent award winner, he is the author of many successful novels.

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ISBN: 9781582973517
ISBN-10: 1582973512
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
Publication Date: August 5th, 2005
Pages: 272
Language: English