Finding Baby Holly: Lost to a Cult, Surviving My Parents' Murders, and Saved by Prayer (Hardcover)

Finding Baby Holly: Lost to a Cult, Surviving My Parents' Murders, and Saved by Prayer By Holly Marie, Cindy Lambert (With), David Lambert (With) Cover Image
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Holly Marie was forty-two years old the day she found out she was missing.
At ten months old, Holly Marie was brought to the door of a church by three barefoot women in white robes and head coverings. Adopted by the pastor and raised in a loving Christian home, Holly nevertheless struggled with the ache of not knowing what had happened to her biological parents. She still felt their absence even as she married and started a family of her own.  
When two detectives showed up at the restaurant where she worked and informed her that she had a large family in Florida who had been searching for her for over 40 years, Holly’s past became the reality of her present, and she began the sometimes painful journey of discovering the truth about her origins: Her parents had been brutally murdered, their case still unsolved.
With the help of law enforcement across four states, forensic genealogists, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and her newly discovered family members, the missing pieces began to come together. Except these—why had her parents been murdered? And who had murdered them? She soon found out that the truth leads not always to answers but sometimes to more questions, that it also brings healing and restoration, and that we must surrender our unknowns to God until, in His perfect timing, all truths are revealed.
Finding Baby Holly is the true, inspiring story of a wife and mother who was “missing” for over forty years after her parents’ murders, the persistent detectives who never stopped investigating, and the birth family who never lost hope in finding her.

About the Author

HOLLY MARIE has always treasured family. She is amazed to be reunited with the large biological family who had been searching
for her for more than forty years. Together, they celebrate God’s blessings even while grieving the loss of her birth parents. Holly,
her husband, Troy, and their children and grandchildren reside in Oklahoma.

CINDY & DAVID LAMBERT have been in publishing for decades, both as editors and in executive roles. Both are also published
authors, having written over twenty-five books between them, and are sought-after teachers of writing. They reside in a log
home on a lake in Michigan.

Praise For…

"Holly is nothing short of remarkable. Her journey, born from personal struggle, has become a beacon of hope for us all. In her story, we find a testament to the unwavering strength of the human spirit. Through Holly's experiences, we are reminded that, regardless of the hardships life may throw our way, we possess the innate power to transform them into something truly beautiful and profoundly meaningful. Her narrative is a source of hope and courage, a guiding light for others navigating their own challenges." —Dr. John Bischoff III, Vice President, Missing Children Division, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

"Holly speaks with rich insight as she reveals the behind-the-scenes drama of being “found” when she never knew she was “missing.”"—Carol Kent, speaker and bestselling author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

"A remarkable story about how God began mending the brokenness caused by murder and a misguided cult and the importance of praying continually, never giving up."—Colleen and Newell Cerak, co-authors of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Mistaken Identity

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ISBN: 9781546006442
ISBN-10: 1546006443
Publisher: Worthy Books
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English