Montessori Works For Dementia: Everyday Activities for People Living with Dementia (Paperback)

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The World Alzheimer's Report 2014 states: "By 2050, 135 million people around the world will live with dementia". That same report states: "Given this epidemic scale and with no known cure, it is crucial that we look at what we can do manage the quality of life of those living with it and their relatives". This book, which is based on a series of lectures delivered by the authors at the University of York, UK in 2011/2012, aims to do just that. The book shows how "work", i.e meaningful activity can improve the quality of life of, not just the persons living with dementia, but their families and friends as well. This book presents Montessori-Based Activities for people living with dementia. It explains: - What Montessori-Based Activities are: - Why Montessori-Based Activities are uniquely suited to helping people living with dementia. The book is filled with practical activities which can be carried out daily by people living with dementia. It has now been proven that Montessori-Based Activities bring about a more positive mind-set in people living with dementia. This in turn results in less "responsive behaviours", less anxiety and less depression. For this reason, Montessori-Based Activity for people living with dementia is presently being seen as a "game-changer" in the field of dementia care.

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Stephen and Bernadette Phillips have been involved in Montessori education and research for over 30 years. They have enjoyed practicing, lecturing and writing about all things Montessori for most of their adult lives. Stephen is originally from Wiltshire, in England and Bernadette is from Dublin, Ireland. In recent years they have been very much focused on the pioneering research of Dr. Cameron Camp into Montessori-Based Programmes for people living with dementia. Having run Montessori schools for years, they now work as independent Montessori consultants. They give workshops on Montessori principles and practice covering infancy, childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. They also give seminars and workshops on Montessori-Based Programmes for people living with dementia. They can be contacted by e-mail.

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