War Against the Mafia: How a Prosecutor and an FBI Agent Devastated the New York Mob (Hardcover)

War Against the Mafia: How a Prosecutor and an FBI Agent Devastated the New York Mob By Dan Dorsky, Mike Campi Cover Image
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The true story of two law enforcement figures—one an FBI agent, the other a federal prosecutor—who led some of the most relentless and successful attacks on organized crime in American history.

A unique and unexpected set of circumstances caused former federal prosecutor Dan Dorsky and former FBI agent Mike Campi to finally step forward and reveal themselves. The result is this tour de force, which details their years operating deeply in the trenches to devastate the mafia. You will learn how they took down a staggering array of mob bosses, underbosses, consiglieri, capos, soldiers, and other legends from all five New York crime families. They take you inside their investigative and prosecutorial critical make-or-break moments, which they navigated to achieve astonishing success. Along the way they provide you with insight into the external and internal forces often working to undermine them. And they lift the curtain to reveal the untold treachery and hypocrisy underlying the real American mafia, as illustrated by the words of one crime boss who was recorded by Mike describing his underlings: “They’re suckers—we just use them.”
War against the Mafia, to be released on the anniversary of the infamous November 14, 1957 Apalachin meeting of top mafia leaders from the US and Italy, is chock-filled with an array of stunning facts and truths. A selection includes: the Catholic priest who fled America to save his life from the mob; legendary Sammy “the Bull” Gravano’s bizarre efforts to help his would-be murderer; mafia members recorded describing in their own words their innermost secrets; how Mike and Dan obtained the boss of all bosses Vincent “the Chin” Gigante’s courthouse confession that his legendary crazy act was a fraud all along; what the Chin said when America was attacked on September 11, 2001; and the explosive dark secret that almost undermined one of the most important undercover operations in the history of law enforcement.

You’ll learn so much more: how and why the most important undercover mafioso in history wanted to work with Mike, and only with Mike; how Dan’s patriotic jury dressed in the colors of the American flag; and how the Chin was only months away from escaping justice entirely. But this book is not a somber tome, it is replete with humor as well. You’ll read dozens of entertaining vignettes, such as how Dan caused one juror to laugh so hard that he tumbled out of his seat, and how a young Mike engaged in a battle of wits with tennis star John McEnroe. For fans of organized crime, of true crime, or simply of engaging and enjoyable stories—this book is an absolute must read.

About the Author

Dan Dorsky is a highly decorated former Assistant United States Attorney in New York, who spent the bulk of his law enforcement career successfully investigating and prosecuting members of all five mafia families in New York, in addition to working on other complex criminal matters and white-collar crime. Dorsky conducted more trials against the mafia than any other federal prosecutor, obtaining guilty verdicts in every one. His trial verdicts included cases against Colombo crime family acting boss Andrew “Mush” Russo; Colombo crime family acting boss Jackie DeRoss; Gambino crime family mobster Joe “the German” Watts; Lucchese crime family soldier “Baldy Mike” Spinelli; and Gambino crime family soldier Thomas “Huck” Carbonaro. Dorsky is the only prosecutor to cross-examine former Gambino crime family underboss Sammy “the Bull” Gravano. Dorsky also obtained a guilty plea from the legendary Boss of the Genovese crime family, Vincent "the Chin" Gigante, for perpetrating likely the longest-standing successful criminal fraud against America’s judiciary. After leaving the United States Attorney’s Office, Dorsky worked in corporate law attempting to assist companies seeking to root out internal corruption.
Mike Campi’s exceptional career as an FBI agent with the New York Division spanned both white-collar and organized crime, including financial fraud, labor racketeering, and political corruption. His main focus was the Genovese crime family, the most powerful and secretive organized crime family in the country. His investigations resulted in multiple devastating convictions of the Genovese family hierarchy, crippling this most sophisticated criminal enterprise. Campi retired as the Coordinator of the Organized Crime branch of the New York Division where he managed over 150 agents in the FBI’s largest and most successful OC program. He was later recruited by a Swiss bank to be a Vice President of Corporate Security for the Americas region.

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