The Greatest of All Time (Paperback)

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"Very nicely crafted." - Douglas Sullivan
"..., the poem was very inspirational ... turned into a teaching event for my kids."
- Cynthia Powell, Daily Press, Newport News, VA
For decades, the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali has been told in books, movies, and through various other means of communication. While his story is rooted in the United States, it has touched, inspired, and motivated people all around the world. However, many only recognize him for his accomplishments and successes in the boxing ring, but his true greatest accomplishment was outside the ring.
This book highlights Ali's biggest fight and subsequent victory over the US Government for refusing to be inducted into the US military during the Vietnam War. It is that fight that propelled him to greatness and established him as the Greatest Fighter of All Time.
In poetic form, Ali's experiences are illuminated in this book in a straightforward, allegorical, easy-to-recite, and made to remember style.
--Rise as a celebrated Olympic hero in Rome and his return home, only to take his place in the back of the line in a segregated America
--Championship victory over Sonny Liston and name change from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali
--Refusal for military induction during the war in Vietnam
--Heavy weight title and belt being taken and his exile from boxing
--Fight to get back into the ring and regain his title
--Victory over the US Government and return to the ring
If you are a Muhammad Ali enthusiast, this fascinating fact-filled poetic tale of his life is a must-have book for your library.

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