Quick Civics Lessons from USCIS and Civics Flash Cards for Cut-Out (Paperback)

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New Link to FREE online Civics Flash Cards for Citizenship test This inexpensive LARGE size book (8 x 10) is easy to read and contains all the official 100 Civics Lessons issued by USCIS - AND includes study cards that you can cut-out for easy study All the 100 questions and answers are presented in four different ways: 1. First, the 100 Questions and Answers are presented without additional material - for easy memorization. 2. The questions and answers are then presented in a Logical, Historical Order (similar to reading a very brief history of the U.S.). This presentation helps you see connections among the questions and answers and thereby make it easier for you to remember them. 3. All the questions and answers are then presented with official quick civics information which will help you better understand each question and answer (and make it easier to remember). 4. All 100 questions and answers are also provided in a flash card format that you can cut-out and take with you for easy study Included also are the complete official Reading and Writing words you need to know and important web addresses on citizenship and elected officials.

About the Author

Angelo Tropea is an expert at preparing candidates for civil service examinations, and national exams such as the New Citizenship Test. By means of books, software, film and personal presentations, he succeeds in turning what is difficult into something easy and fun to learn. This applies especially to the Citizenship Exam.

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ISBN: 9781499387506
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 8th, 2014
Pages: 122
Language: English