Handbook of Emergency Disposal and Management of Medical Waste in China (Paperback)

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This Handbook is a systematic and complete introduction that outlines the key points and requirements of medical waste’s emergency disposal and management. It covers all stages of medical waste removal, from its generation, collection, classification, packaging identification, transportation, treatment to its final disposal. Additionally, this book covers medical waste-related technologies and management essentials used in disease prevention, as well as environmental pollution prevention. The Handbook is particularly useful for facilities and institutions that generate and dispose of medical waste, as well as for the relevant supervisors and environmental protection volunteers at all levels.

About the Author

Guo Chunxia, has been engaged in solid waste management in the Department of Ecology and Environment of Henan Province since 1999. She is currently the director and senior engineering professor at the Henan Provincial Solid Waste and Chemical Technology Management Center. Chen Yang, professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a focus on technological R&D, management system building and industry development of the needs of hazardous and medical waste management and disposal in China. With experience presiding over more than 30 national key programs funded by Chinese Ministry of Ecology Environment, Ministry of Sciences and technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., he is the owner of more than 30 patents, and author of 8 monographs and more than 60 papers as well as is the winner of 8 ministerial science and technology awards.

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ISBN: 9781487804756
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Publication Date: November 30th, 2020
Pages: 162