Cloudspirits: How To, History & Library (Paperback)

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"The Imagination is the Key" "Never need a psychic again, become one " "You want a conscious awakening? This technique is it " I am 53 years old. I have been a lineman for 25 years. I have been pursuing Cloudspirits for 24 years. After taking my 1st picture, I spent all those years delving into how this works. In this small book I pass the wealth of my acquired knowledge onto you. The How to is easy Due to today's technology the average person has an advantage in consulting our sky. When we look through the viewfinder on our Camera, the Sky's depth reveals itself. Not long ago everything went digital, "Boom," the "Cloudspirits" started coming through in amazing detail. The Jesus apparitions that were experienced and photographed provide "Proof of Spiritual Belief" How's your faith? After reading this research guide, you'll be able to capture enlightenment beyond your imagination. I was raised a Christian and my stance is; The Bible is the greatest Supernatural book I've ever read. If you are not a Christian, walking with me through this phenomenon will provide you with enough insight to go out and photograph your own "Proof of Spiritual Belief." Anyone can expand their conscious relationship to their Creator via the Medium of the Big Screen of the Sky. Look into the Heavens my friend. If we could only look through each other eyes what a different place this would be It takes all of your life experience to interpret present life experience. Focus on one spot and take several pictures and a story unfolds. I have found "Proof of Premonition" in a short series of pictures. The Library has over 100 links to my "Captures," Can you see deep enough into the abstract to discern its title? In the YouTube section links to my Silent slideshows can be found. You can play your own music and unfold the mystery that consciousness is revealing. A section of the book is "Twitter Verse." Anyone not familiar with twitter will find ev.

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ISBN: 9781478708568
ISBN-10: 1478708565
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 25th, 2013
Pages: 128
Language: English