The Hydaspes 326 BC: The Limit of Alexander the Great’s Conquests (Campaign #389) (Paperback)

The Hydaspes 326 BC: The Limit of Alexander the Great’s Conquests (Campaign #389) By Nic Fields, Marco Capparoni (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Nic Fields, Marco Capparoni (Illustrator)
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The first dedicated examination of Alexander the Great's final battle and acknowledged tactical masterpiece.

In the years that followed Alexander the Great's victory at Gaugamela on 1 October 331 BC, his Macedonian and Greek army fought a truly 'Herculean' series of campaigns in what is today Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. But it was in the Indus Valley, on the banks of the Hydaspes River (known today as the Jhelum) in 326 BC that Alexander would fight his last major battle against King Poros.

Using detailed maps and 3D diagrams, this beautifully illustrated work shows how Alexander used feints and deception to transport a select force from his army across the swollen River Hydaspes without attracting the enemy's attention, allowing his troops the crucial element of surprise. Battlescene artworks and photographs reveal the fascinating array of forces that clashed in the battle, including Indian war elephants and chariots, and horse archers and phalanx formations. Also examined are the differences in weaponry and armour between the opposing sides, which would prove crucial to the outcome. Although a tactical masterpiece, the Hydaspes was the closest that Alexander the Great came to defeat, and was one of the costliest battles fought by his near-exhausted army.

About the Author

Dr Nic Fields is a former Royal Marine Commando turned classical scholar and now full-time military historian and tour guide. Previously, he was Assistant Director at the British School at Athens, Greece, and a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Nic has written a wide range of Ancient History titles for Osprey, ranging from the fortifications of Troy to the fall of Rome.

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