Empathic Counseling: Building Skills to Empower Change, Second Edition, 2020 Copyright (Paperback)

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This is the fully updated second edition of Empathic Counseling. 2020 Copyright.
Empathy is fundamental to therapeutic change. This engaging and accessible text teaches students the clinical skills they will need as therapists to communicate empathy and help clients change. Slattery and Park begin by outlining a framework for understanding how clients think--what meaning they give to difficult situations--and how those meaning systems are connected to cultural and other contextual factors. Chapters that follow discuss how their empathic framework can be factored into assessment, intervention, ending treatment, and even case reporting and ethical concerns. Throughout they emphasize that effective therapists possess not only strong observational, listening, and critical thinking skills, but that they also put their clients' worldviews, meaning-making, culture, and change processes at the heart of their practice.

This second edition features new case studies, research, and clinical applications, as well as a streamlined presentation that
better mirrors the process of mental health treatment. With extensive case material, reflection questions, and other practical tools, the book will help budding mental health practitioners understand and empathize with a diverse range of clients, develop strong therapeutic alliances, make accurate assessments that reflect clients' contexts and worldviews, and facilitate positive change.

About the Author

Jeanne M. Slattery, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Clarion University. She is passionate about teaching and helping students learn to become empathic and respectful clinicians. She has also written Trauma, Meaning, and Spirituality: Translating Research into Clinical Practice and Counseling Diverse Clients: Bringing Context into Therapy. She is a licensed psychologist with a small private practice and especially works with adults and children with a history of trauma, and mood and anxiety disorders. She lives in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Visit https: //jeannemslattery.wordpress.com. Crystal L. Park, PhD, is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Her research focuses on multiple aspects of coping with stressful events, including the roles of religious beliefs and religious coping, the phenomenon of stress-related growth, yoga, and the making of meaning in the context of traumatic events and life-threatening illnesses, particularly with cancer survivors, congestive heart failure patients, and military veterans. At UConn, she maintains an active research lab and teaches health psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She lives in the lovely village of Mystic, Connecticut. Visit https: //spiritualitymeaningandhealth.uconn.edu.

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ISBN: 9781433831225
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Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA)
Publication Date: January 14th, 2020
Pages: 335
Language: English