The Tucson Tragedy: Lessons from the Senseless Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords (Paperback)

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The Tucson Tragedy: Lessons from the Senseless Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords - by John Newport, Ph.D. This is a fast reading, riveting book that portrays the human side of the January 8, 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others - and the healing that is taking place. Written by a seasoned author living in Tucson a few blocks from the site of the shooting, The Tucson Tragedy takes readers right to the scene and into the hearts and minds of the victims and their families, the heroes, the suspected assailant and everyone else impacted by this heart-wrenching tragedy. Without politicizing or sensationalizing the event and its far-reaching ramifications, this book renders a soul-searching treatment of the underlying dynamics and lessons to be learned from this ghastly event. The Tucson Tragedy is obviously best seller material, given the virtually unprecedented level of public interest aroused by this historic event. Chapter Outline: -A Beautiful Winter's Morning -All Hell Breaks Loose -Pandemonium Reigns -A Day Marked by Unspeakable Tragedy -A Day Marked by Unparalleled Heroism -The Healing Begins -Gabrielle Giffords: Portrait of a Highly Effective and Compassionate Public Servant -The Suspect: A Study in Psychological Tragedy -The Fallen: We Must Not Let Them Die in Vain -Moving Forward -Appendix: Donation Opportunities to Promote Healing "Dr. Newport does an excellent job of portraying the creation of a community of healing out of the ashes of this tragic shooting and brings to bear both compassionate and perceptive insights in his 'lessons to be learned' sections at the end of each chapter....This is truly a book written from the heart." From the Foreword by Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, Congresswoman Giffords' Spiritual Advisor About the Author: John Newport is an author, speaker and social commentator who lives in Tucson and loves the city and its people. A prolific writer with doctorates in psychology and public health, he writes from the heart and has published three books (including "The Wellness-Recovery Connection", Health Communications, Inc.) and over 200 articles focusing on personal and societal wellness, self-help and spirituality. He frequently contributes letters and opinion pieces addressing pressing social issues to the Arizona Daily Star, Los Angeles Times, Modern Healthcare, The Therapist and other publications. For more information: Visit the author's website

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Publication Date: August 29th, 2011
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