The Massage Therapist's Guide to Client Safety & Wellness (Paperback)

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Massage Therapist's Guide to Client Safety and Wellness is intended for future and current massage therapists alike. If you are a student or are a practicing massage therapist how many times have you asked, "What if?" questions throughout your experience and, for example, questions like: "What if my client falls off the massage table? What if my client stops breathing? What if my client develops a strange rash during the massage?" This handbook will provide answers to those questions and many others. This title is tabbed by chapter and includes First Aid and CPR, common conditions, step-by-step directions for providing a safe work environment and much more It offers a quick reference format with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, full-color photographs, illustrations and diagrams throughout for easy identification and instructions, detailed index for easy cross-reference and appendices with important references and information. Safety checklists for each topic are enclosed at the beginning of each applicable chapter as well as a general checklist at the beginning of the book. This all encompassing reference will ensure a safer massage practice. Benefits: * Medical conditions are separated into two chapters of definite contraindications and cautions/indications then are alphabetized and the medication list is alphabetized with the dangers for massage illness along side each medication. * Heavily indexed with each chapter is tabbed for easy location of topics. * Contains heavy coated paper with coating that will not spoil or weaken with oil so massage therapists can easily use. * Spiral bound and can lay flat which will provide for hands free usage either when dealing with a situation, dialing a number, administering first aid. * Contains full color photographs and illustrations where applicable that can easily be used to identify something or to educate a client. * Massage therapy centered with information applicable to any.

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ISBN: 9781428319226
ISBN-10: 1428319220
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication Date: January 1st, 2009
Pages: 282
Language: English