Ten Lies About Aids (Paperback)

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HIV infection is not the cause of AIDS. Severe immune deficiencies, commonly referred to as AIDS, result from the toxicity of many recreational drugs and of most antiretroviral medications, from the abuse of antibiotics and certain therapeutic protocols, from inappropriate life style, and/or from malnutrition, alone or combined.

This book falsifies ten lies that are the pillars of the HIV/AIDS dogma. These lies are that: 1 - AIDS is a new syndrome;
2 - The existence of HIV has been appropriately demonstrated;
3 - HIV is actually the cause of AIDS;
4 - Antiretroviral medications are helpful for AIDS sufferers;
5 - Seropositivity indicates an active process of HIV infection;
6 - AIDS is a contagious pathological process;
7 - HIV is responsible for numerous illnesses;
8 - It is better for people to know their serological HIV status;
9 - There is indeed an AIDS pandemic affecting the general population;
10 - All medical researchers agree, indisputably, that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

The fallacy of these ten statements is explained in a language that is accessible for the public at large. It is convincingly supported by a broad selection of bibliographical references.

Obviously, AIDS research has been placed on the wrong track for the past 20 years, and AIDS statistics have been alarmingly inflated, for maximizing the enormous profits of the pharmaceutical industry. This has created a dramatic public health problem that should most urgently be corrected.

Fortunately, this book ends up on a very optimistic consideration: being caused by toxic substances and nutritional deficiencies, AIDS can (and hopefully will) be readily prevented and cured, at a cost that shall be affordable for all governments of the planet.

About the Author

After obtaining his M.D. degree in 1953 from the Universit Libre de Bruxelles, (where he later became "Professeur Agrg" in Pathology), Etienne de Harven specialized in electron microscopy at the "Institut du Cancer" in Paris. In 1956, he joined Charlotte Friend's team at the Sloan Kettering Institute in New York, the largest cancer research center in the United States, where he was in charge of electron microscopy research. It was there that he produced the world's first description of a retrovirus budding on the surface of infected cells. In 1981, he was appointed Professor of pathology and laboratory director at the University of Toronto, Canada, where he researched the marking of antigens on the surface of lymphocytes. Now retired, he is the President of Rethinking Aids, a group comprising over 2000 scientists and other re-thinkers who refute the viral origin of AIDS. He is also a member of the South African President Thabo Mbeki's International AIDS Advisory Panel.

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